Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings have existed for centuries and have most often been known as Christenings. Today, many parents choose to have a more familial gathering in their home, park or community center; they’re referred to as Baby Blessings or Baby Welcomings. As the Celebrant, I look for ways to involve family members, friends, godparents or “guideparents ” who will be an influence in the child’s life.

A Baby Blessing allows all present to feel the miracle, hope and infinite potential of a new life, gives support to the parents and acknowledges everyone’s responsibility to the next generation. Since the lives of parents change dramatically once baby arrives, the official Welcoming may take place anytime during the first year or for baby’s first birthday.

House, Office, Garden Blessings

House, Office, Garden Blessings are appropriate to honor a new home, your first garden, a newly remodeled home or a rearrangement of the furniture to make a fresh statement. Have a new job or office?  Let’s create a ritual to acknowledge the change. Move forward in a splendid environment with family, friends, good food, warm wishes and a simple non-denominational ceremony!